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Music for October 2021

The music for the month of October presents a range of music from Tudor times to the present day. Sixteenth century composers Batten and Gibbons will be supported by seventeenth century Daniel Purcell (brother of Henry), motets from the twentieth century by Walford Davies and Vaughan Williams, with more recent compositions by Martin Dalby and Martin How, and new works by Diana Burrell, Martin Willems and Anthony White.

Organ music will continue to explore the work of the seventeenth century North German composer Johannes Pachelbel, together with pieces by Bach, Mendelssohn and Sigfrid Karg-Elert. Music for Contemplation following the Sermon will continue to explore the short pieces by the Belgian-born French composer Cesar Franck.   

October 3rd.

 Music before the Service: Ich ruf’ zu dir, BWV639 J.S.Bach(1685-1750)

 Introit: God be in my head    H.Walford Davies(1869-1941)

 Anthem: O sing joyfully     A.Batten(1591-1637)

 Music before the Sermon: All people that on earth do dwell.

 Music for Contemplation: Improvisation   Sam Paul

 Recessional: Con moto maestoso (Sonata 3)  F.B.Mendelssohn(1809-47)   

October 10th.

 Music before the Service: Improvisation   John Horton

 Introit: I will thank thee     D.Purcell(c.1660-1717)

 Anthem: Day by Day     Martin How(b.1931)

 Music for Contemplation; Improvisation   John Horton

 Recessional: Chorale Improvisation: Lobe den Herren S.Karg-Elert(1877-1933)

October 17th.

 Music before the Service: Allein zu   J.Pachelbel(1653-1706)

 Introit: Almighty and Everlasting God   O.Gibbons(1583-1625)

 Anthem: Clap your hands    Martin Willems(fl.2021)

 Music for Contemplation: Andantino (Sept pieces) C.Franck(1822-90)

 Recessional: Fugue in D Major    J.Pachelbel(1653-1706)

October 24th.

 Music before the Service: Durch Adams Fall  J.Pachelbel(1653-1706)

 Introit: God be in my head    M.Dalby(1942-2018)

 Anthem: Bless the Lord, O my soul   Diana Burrell(b.1948)

 Music for Contemplation: Andantino (Sept pièces) C.Franck(1822-90)

 Recessional: Vater Unser in Himmelreich  J.Pachelbel(1653-1706)

October 31st

 Music before the Service: Was mein Gott will  J.Pachelbel(1653-1706)

 Introit: O taste and see     R. Vaughan Williams(1872-1958)

 Anthem: The Lord bless you    Anthony White(fl.2021)

 Music for Contemplation: Lento (Sept Pièces)  C.Franck(1822-90)

 Recessional: Praeludium in d minor    J.Pachelbel(1653-1706)

Please note that the choir will also sing at the Lunchtime Concert for the Sound Festival on Friday October 22nd. at 1 pm, at which the world premieres of Bless the Lord, O my soul, and The Lord is my light by Tobias Wolf will be given.

Director of Music and Organist: Dr. Roger B.Wiliams, MBE, DMus)