Sunday 15-05-22

 Morning Worship 11am

Conducted by
Rev Sarah Brown



 Make a joyful noise Sarah Rimkus (b.1990)  


 Hymn 200 Christ is made the sure foundation


 Hymn 105 Glory to God above


Sam Paul



 First Reading Acts 11 : 1-18

Second Reading Revelation 21 : 1-6

 Gospel Reading John 13 : 31-35  



 Cantique de Jean Racine G.Fauré (1845-1924)  


Music for Contemplation

Verso 3 del 8o Tono de Magnificat A. de Cabezon


Hymn 622 We sing a love (verses 1-4 from hymnbook)

verse 5

We sing a burning, fiery, Holy Ghost

That seeks out shades of ancient bitterness,

Transfiguring these, as Christ in every heart;

Come joyful love, live in our hearts today.



Tiento de medio registro de Baxon de 1o Tono F.C de Arauxo (?1575-1654)


Roger Williams

Order of Service

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