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Websites of Interest

The following sites provide further information on Aberdeen, the history, culture and heritage of Scotland and the Church in Scotland.


Old Aberdeen Trail is one of a series of themed trails being developed around the City

Archaeological Notes from Scotland's national collection of buildings, archaeology and industry where they concern St Machar’s Cathedral

World Mission Council On this website there are direct links to the current World Mission update newsletter and World Mission Magazine

Visiter UK

Visitor UK is the country's leading online database of local and national information, providing up to the minute details and listings from a variety of sources


Wider Church

Board of Parish Education

Scottish Christian Noticeboard

Church of Scotland

Action of Churches Together in Scotland

City of Aberdeen

Aberdeen Scotland Official City and Shire Portal

Old Aberdeen Community Council

Aberdeen Home Page History, developments, trade etc.


Welcome to Scotland The definitive Scottish travel information site. With everything you need to tour Scotland's greatest attractions. Plus lots of superb accommodation

Magical Scotland This website features an itinerary through Scotland which includes the Cathedral of St. Machar in Aberdeen as one of its main attractions.

National Trust of Scotland

General Interest

www.g4g.org.uk  Looks at news stories from a Christian perspective, transmits church services, exchanges views and plays requests.

The Online Bestiary of Aberdeen University Library.

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