Researching your Family History

We may be able to help by searching our archives for an ancestor with links to St Machar's Cathedral.

The Cathedral welcomes enquiries from those researching their family history. People get in touch with us from all over the world, trying to find a record of their forebears in Aberdeen – either at the Cathedral Kirkyard, or in the many historical minutes and records we hold in the Cathedral’s Charter Room.

The Archivist will be only too happy to help you with your search. Complete records of all who are buried in the Kirkyard are available and we also have records of infant Baptisms and Proclamation of Banns as well as Minute Books and church records dating back through the centuries in which family names can appear.

Some of the Baptismal records can be viewed by clicking on the links below while others not yet on line can be searched for you by the Archivist, on request by contacting the Cathedral office. Many of the entries especially in the 1872-1903 records were written in pencil, often thick blue pencil, and have sometimes been impossible to read. Generally this has been entered as “illegible” on the spreadsheet. Other gaps occur when the minister omitted to make an entry of any kind. There may also be discrepancies in Dates of Birth which you may have from other records and these may be simply a Minister’s error when recording the Baptism. Similarly the spelling of names can differ widely and it is always worth checking possible variants.

During the 19th century there were two ministerial charges at the Cathedral and for most of that time each minister maintained a separate Baptismal Record Book. Families can appear in both records and so it is advisable to consult both when searching for families rather than just one individual.

Access to the Records on line and research by the Archivist is free of charge but enquirers may wish to contribute to the upkeep of the Cathedral using the “DONATE” button on the Home Page.

Baptismal Register 1855-1876

Baptismal register 1878-1905

Baptismal Register, Old Machar Church 1855-1859

Baptismal Register1872-1903 2nd charge

Baptismal Register 1904-1921 2nd Charge

Baptismal Register 1905-1920 1st charge

Baptisms, Marriages 1802-1803 and Burials 1802-1805