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Donside Christian Partnership

This informal association of churches was formed in 2003. Its membership has increased over the years, and it now includes 6 neighbouring Church of Scotland congregations – High Hilton, St George’s Tillydrone, St Mary’s, St Machar’s, St Stephen’s and Woodside –together with St Joseph’s R.C. Church, St Ninian’s Episcopal Church, The Mission and the City of God Church.

The Partnership’s aim is  “To build strong relationships with one another focussed on Christ and the heart of the gospel, using our different gifts and resources so that:

1. We can support one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

2. Together we can be a brighter witness to Christ in our community.”

Regular meetings are held of church leaders and representatives to discuss how these aims can be put into practice, and to plan joint events and action.

Current endeavours are as follows:

1.  Joint services during the week leading up to Pentecost Sunday, with a focus on Christian Unity, and concluding with a barbecue.

2.  A Palm Sunday Walk in the midst of the community

3.  Supporting joint mission initiatives with young people. Fun days have been held in Seaton Park, and a positive Easter programme has been promoted in local schools.

4.  Provision of starter packs for homeless persons being offered a tenancy of their own. As many as 25 packs’ are delivered each year.

5.  A prayer cycle, in which the Partnership churches are encouraged to pray for one another on a rota basis.

Slowly but surely, what had originally been simply a hope in the hearts of a small number of people has gained some momentum, strengthening links between churches of various denominations and enabling them to witness together in new ways.