Hymn 622

1 We sing a love that sets all people free,

that blows like wind, that burns like scorching flame,

enfolds the earth, springs up like water clear;

come, living love, live in our hearts today.

2 We sing a love that seeks another’s good,

that longs to serve and not to count the cost,

a love that, yielding, finds itself made new:

come, caring love, live in our hearts today.

3 We sing a love, unflinching, unafraid

to be itself, despite another’s wrath,

a love that stands alone and undismayed:

come, strengthening love, live in our hearts today.

4 We sing a love, that, wandering, will not rest

until it finds its way, its home, its source,

through joy and sadness pressing on refreshed:

come, pilgrim love, live in our hearts today.

5 We sing the Holy Spirit, full of love,

who seeks out scars of ancient bitterness,

brings to our wounds the healing grace of Christ:

come, radiant love, live in our hearts today.


Hymn 710

1 ‘I have a dream’, a man once said,

‘where all is perfect peace;

where men and women, black and white,

stand hand in hand, and all unite

in freedom and in love.’      *

2 But in this world of bitter strife

the dream can often fade;

reality seems dark as night,

we catch but glimpses of the light

Christ sheds on humankind.

3 Fierce persecution, war, and hate,

are raging everywhere;

God call us now to pay the price

through struggles and through sacrifice

of standing for the right.


4 So dream the dreams and sing the songs,

but never be content;

for thoughts and words don’t ease the pain:

unless there’s action, all is vain;

faith proves itself in deeds.

5 Lord, give us vision, make us strong

help us to do your will;

don’t let us rest until we see

your love throughout humanity

uniting us in peace.

* The last line of each verse is repeated